We are a Portuguese trademark company with a team of architects and professional model makers who have passion for this ancient art, focused on reproducing any architecture work, engineering, urban planning and landscaping into small scales;


We perform realistic models and conceptual intended for property resallers and development, exhibitions, sales stands, museums and laboratory tests;


We use several tools and advanced technologies into various materials like metal, pvc, eps, acrylic, wood and card for a high standard finnishing products.

You may also require in addition: lightning with LED technology, lifting and removable parts to visualize the interiors, bells in acrylic, nickel plated steel feets and wooden boxes for models transportation.



.Physical scale models


.Maintenance of existing models (upgrade, restoration and cleaning);


.Shipping crates made by measure for each model;





The budget is based on the scale, size, complexity, material and delivery date.


The budget request along with the drawings in dwg format or pdf, should be sent to the email - geral@maquetesdearquitectura.pt


The proposal will be sent within 24 hours